Historic Oak View | Montana & Mike | Engagement | Northern VA Wedding Photographer | Christina Chapman Photography

Historic Oak View | Montana & Mike | Engagement | Northern VA Wedding Photographer | Christina Chapman Photography

Christina Chapman Photography | Northern VA Wedding Photographer

It is official. We have the most amazing, fun-loving, and joy-filled couples ever!

No matter where we go, Brides and Grooms that are meant to be CC Couples always find us! Our couples are madly in love, cherish their families, value a genuine connection, and crave so much more than only pretty pictures from their wedding day. They want to see a friend walk into their bridal suite, not just a vendor. They desire a relationship-building experience that not only brings comfort and additional joy to their wedding day but throughout the entire planning process and that is exactly what we give them!

I get so excited when our couples take the opportunity to get dressed up and go all out for their engagement session! I think all too often, wedding planning can overshadow the engagement season. You are a fiancĂ© for a short period, and usually, you will only have one engagement session to celebrate this special time. With that said, I’m so excited to introduce you all to Montana and Mike! Their Historic Oak View engagement session was a dream!

We had all of the golden sunset glow, and everything was perfect; just like the evening, Mike proposed to Montana!

Last December, Mike and Montana were in Boone, NC, visiting family after Christmas and one evening, standing on Montana’s grandmother’s back porch, as the sun was setting over the snowy mountain tops, Mike asked Montana to marry him. I’ll give you one guess at her answer! YES! Of course! After four years of overcoming the challenges of a long-distance relationship, they were thrilled to know that soon they wouldn’t be apart any longer. I’m so happy to say that over the past summer, Montana moved to Georgia to be with her future husband, Mike!

These love birds are having the time of their lives as they await their wedding day! If their engagement session is an indication of the wedding day, it’s going to be amazing! Mike and Montana completely shocked us with one final pose! Well, Mike made the request, and Montana agreed! As we were wrapping up, I heard Mike say, hey, I want to try something! Uh, yes, I’m all ears!

He looked at his gorgeous fiancé and announced that they should do the dirty dancing move!

Yep! You know the one! When Johnny comes back for baby at the end of the movie, they do the final dance! Baby runs to Johnny and lifts her over his head! It is one of those movie moments that you will never forget! I have a feeling that Montana and Mike will never forget their engagement session either!

Montana and Mike, thank you so very much for trusting us and spending a hot evening roaming around the park! You guys are incredible, and we had so much fun finally getting to meet you both! We can’t wait for your wedding day!

Lots of love,


Northern VA Wedding Photographer | Christina Chapman Photography

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