Heather & Justin | Jefferson Patterson Museum | Engagement | Maryland Wedding Photographer

Heather & Justin | Jefferson Patterson Museum | Engagement | Maryland Wedding Photographer

Christina Chapman | Maryland Wedding Photographer

Heather and Justin’s Maryland Engagement Session was everything!! The Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum was an unforgettable location! Seriously if you have a chance, you should go and spend the day strolling the countless areas and taking a walk on their pebbled shores! As if the location wasn’t already amazing, we were so blessed to have the most stunning sunset I have ever seen! I really couldn’t imagine a sweeter couple to share our first Maryland session with!

Heather and Justin are high school sweethearts that we met through a CC Bride alumni! It is such an honor when our CC Couples sing our praises to their friends and family! Usually, I will retell our couple’s love story based on details that they share with me during our consultation, but I thought it would be fun to share their story in Heather’s exact words! Her joy and excitement are so infectious!

Justin and I first met when we were in high school.

 “I played travel softball, and he and his dad would umpire my softball games. For a long time, Justin and I were good friends. We both went to separate high schools, and when we were in eleventh grade, we started dating. We have been together for a total of 8 years (it is crazy to think about). Justin proposed on Christmas, and I was totally surprised! Justin always told me that when the day came for him to propose he wanted to make sure I was totally caught off guard and surprised. He planned the proposal with my sister-in-law. We were at my parent’s house opening presents like we normally do on Christmas.  My niece Olivia handed me a gift, and the gift said it was from her and my brother and his wife, so I did not think anything of this! As I was tearing off the wrapping paper, it was a diaper box. Inside the diaper box was another box that I opened, and inside there was a box that looked like jewelry would be in it. When I saw that, in my head, I was saying, “I wonder what kind of jewelry they would get me?”. When I opened the box and saw the ring, I immediately knew what was happening. I was totally surprised and caught off guard, so I would say he did a great job!”

Heather and Justin, thank you both so much for letting us share in this season of your lives and for fighting the mosquitos with us! You guys are amazing and absolutely crushed your epic engagement session! We are so excited about your 2021 wedding!!

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