Lauren & Michael | Downtown Fredericksburg VA |Virginia Wedding Photographer |Christina Chapman

Lauren & Michael | Downtown Fredericksburg VA |Virginia Wedding Photographer |Christina Chapman

Downtown Fredericksburg VA | Engagement Session Christina Chapman Photography

It is always such a joy when we have a couple travel to our beautiful city for their engagement session! That is just what Lauren and Michael did! They made the trip from North Carolina to take advantage of the downtown Fredericksburg VA charming downtown city dock area and soak up the last little bit of fall! I can’t tell you how excited I was to see that little hillside nearly covered in the most beautiful spray of yellow and orange leaves! I was quick to announce that we would start right there on that seemingly unimpressive sidewalk! Thankfully Lauren and Michael knew they could trust that I was up to something wonderful!

With each wedding, we don’t gain a new client; we add a new member to our sweet CC Family

These two are what I like to refer to as a third-generation CC Couple! Let me explain when we have a couple that comes to us because a CC Bride or Groom has sung our praises, the new couple would be a second-generation! Lauren and Michael came to us after hearing from Natalie and Parker how much they loved their experience with us and Natalie and Parker came to us after Halie and Michael were thrilled with how loved and serviced them during their wedding planning season! These relationships are so special to me! To have a couple after couple sends their family and friends to us to capture one of the most significant chapters in their lives is genuinely an honor!

Lauren and Michael are truly perfect together! If you spend any time with them at all you quickly see just how smitten Lauren is with Michael! More times than I can count during their season, you could see Michael just taken in all smiles and giggles! They are the kind of people that manage to have fun in any situation! Even when they are dodging mud, battling cold noses, and changing in the backseat of my car! They never missed a chance to laugh and be silly together!

Lauren and Michael, thank you so much for choosing to share this season of your lives with us! You two totally rocked your session! I couldn’t be happier for you and I can’t wait for your wedding day!

Big hugs & lots of love


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