Nicole & Ryan | Chatham Manor, Fredericksburg VA | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Christina Chapman

Nicole & Ryan | Chatham Manor, Fredericksburg VA | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Christina Chapman

Eeeeek! Nicole and Ryan’s Chatham Manor, Fredericksburg VA engagement session was as close to perfect as it gets! Poor Nicole was so chilly for most of the session, but that didn’t stop this gorgeous Bride from killing it for nearly two hours! We truly have the most amazing couples! The moment I spoke with Nicole, I was dying to get to know them and share in this special time with them! It was like all the wedding stars aligned and brought us all together!

If you know Nicole and Ryan’s love story, you would agree that they are meant for each other.

I believe that the deepest and happiest marriages stem from a genuine friendship, the kind of friendship that existed before the I love you’s and last long after the I do’s. So many people use the phrase “marrying my best friend,” but Nicole and Ryan really are. They have been friends for years! Through the years and many ups and downs, they stayed in touch, always hoping that the other was happy.

Fate brought them back together and Ryan wasn’t going to miss out this time!

Nicole was healing from a previous relationship, and while she was so thankful to have her longtime friend back in her life, she was hesitant to take their relationship any further. Ryan knew that Nicole was made for him, so he patiently waited for his Bride. He occasionally asked if he could take Nicole to dinner, hoping that she would be ready one day. It didn’t take long for Nicole to say yes to dinner, but Ryan wasn’t finished hearing Nicole answer yes.

The day that they closed on their beautiful new home, Ryan had big plans for Nicole! He got down on one knee, and with a stunning emerald cut diamond, Ryan asked Nicole to spend the rest of her life with him. Ryan got to hear that sweet word from the woman he loves once again, yes!

Nicole and Ryan, we are so thrilled to be a part of your lives, and we can’t wait to share in and capture the day that you become husband and wife! Enjoy this extensive, absolutely breathtaking feature of your engagement session!

                                                                                  Lots of love,


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