Rachel & Josh | Engagement Session | NOVA Wedding Photographer | Christina Chapman

Rachel & Josh | Engagement Session | NOVA Wedding Photographer | Christina Chapman

NOVA Wedding Photographer | Christina Chapman

As a photographer, you would assume that the essential part of my job is taking an image, but it’s not. Taking the picture, pressing that little button that tells my camera, “okay, let’s save this moment forever,” is the easiest part of what I do. Pretty poses are great, and golden light makes me weak, but that’s still not the most critical part of the process. You are capturing love, preserving the joy, stopping time and forever. Freezing the way you laugh together or the way he brushes your hair from your forehead. The comfort you feel when holding onto each other.

Of all of these beautiful moments, there is always one that gets me every time; it never fails; during an engagement session, I will notice how our future Groom looks at his future bride. Each time it is different and unique but conveys the same never-ending love.

My hopelessly romantic heart waits for the moment to happen; because I know it’s real, somebody can’t fake it.

When Josh looked at Rachel, it was unmistakable; he was smitten! You could see by the way he held her close, the way they are silly and light-hearted together that they are meant to be. There is a gentleness about the way they interact with each other, and it is profound.

Gandhi said, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world”

I’m confident that together, Rachel and Josh will do just that.

Rachel and Josh, we can’t wait to be there with you on your wedding day!! Thank you so much for inspiring me to work harder on my impact on earth! We loved visiting your Grandmas’s farm and meeting all the creatures, and learning about hummingbirds! We had so much fun!

Big hugs & lots of love


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