Welcome to Our Home | Fredericksburg VA | VA Wedding Photographer

Welcome to Our Home | Fredericksburg VA | VA Wedding Photographer

The only creative activity I love more than being a VA Wedding Photographer is decorating! At least one room in my home is in a state of a makeover at all times! I personally blame this on Home Goods for keeping so many pretty things in their store! Since we moved we have gotten so many requests to see our new home! Until now I have been kind of quiet about where we landed and what our new life looks like. Not because I wasn’t overjoyed to share it with you all, it was simply because we needed to settle in and find a new normal! I’m happy to report that it’s as normal as it’s gonna get around here!

We found a home that we fell madly in love with located in Fredericksburg VA in the sweetest neighborhood! Y’all know how I feel about white and wow did I get it! Before we moved in we had the entire house painted in Whitetail by Sherwin Williams! It is the perfect shade of creamy white! I wasn’t sure what John was going to think when I told him I wanted to paint to whole-house white but he was all about it! I’m so happy to report that I have officially converted him to the “light side” haha! Noah, not so much! Poor fella asked me why everything has to be white! I promised him that his room would burst with color and we did just that with a fun Lego theme! Happy boy, happy life!

Our home is definitely a work in progress but I’m so excited about this new life, John’s new position, and the many adventures I know we will share together in this beautiful state! Today I’m sharing a few images I took recently! I promise I’ll share more as we finish other spaces! I hope that you enjoy this little peek, and welcome to our home. xoxo





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