NC Photographer | Ehlman Family

NC Photographer | Ehlman Family

Photography is my passion! A deep, intense love affair with light and composition! Once the creative bug has bitten you, it is impossible not to create something! The “bug” is precisely why I left the finance world and started pouring my heart and sweat into being an NC Photographer!

When I first spoke with Joann about their family session she told me that her two girls love photography and I was so crazy excited to meet them! Mom, Joann is also very creative as an accomplished writer! With Dad, John passing down the gift of red hair and a playful spirit this family was gorgeous and fun!

This past Sunday was their family session and wow! Not only are these sisters stunning with red locks that cascade down their backs, but they are also full of creativity too! Their short list includes acting, dancing and my personal favorite they share a love of photography!

The moment they started talking about what they like to photograph I could see the same “spark” I have! I was reminded instantly of my younger self and that pink camera that was always needing more film! (Yay for DSLR’s) If you have ever asked me anything about photography, you know that I can talk all day long about this love of mine, and so could they! It was heartwarming to see Julia & Olivia get excited as they told about Landscapes and all the things they like to capture!

In a world completely obsessed with moving at the speed of light it is such a gift to be able to place a wall around my sessions and take the time to know my clients to care about my clients and capture moments that they will cherish for many years! I am honored to know the Ehlman Family, and I can’t wait to see all that is in store for them!

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