NC Family Photographer | Lewis Family

NC Family Photographer | Lewis Family

So as I sit here and finish up editing the sweetest family session I’m completely overwhelmed with how incredibly fortune I am to be a NC Family Photographer!

I knew the moment Shasta reached out to me that this family would be a blessing to me! And guess what, we are neighbors!? Over the summer I remember seeing the cutest little family at the pool with their sweet baby girl enjoying what I guessed was her first splash! No idea at the time that I would have the joy being her first photographer!

(Little advice from my beloved mother in-law, get to know your neighbors! They are pretty cool! Thanks mom! Love you!)

This darling family is so special to me! Hazel just turned seven months old and this was her very first portrait session. Due to some severe complications in childbirth Hazel and mommy, Shasta had a hard battle to fight back to health! But look at them now? Perfect, right? Of course they weren’t alone, Andy was there loving and providing care all the way!

To the world they look like any other family just doing a fall session for holiday pictures! True, but it is also a celebration! To stop and take note of all the mountain’s they have climbed together! Not only have they grown as a family but have relocated and they both completed graduate school! Talk about a full plate!

As their photographer I am humbled to know that images I captured will hang on the walls of their beautiful new home! That they will look back over the years and remember this time in their lives and see a clear picture of the love they share as parents and as a couple.


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