NC State Graduation | Nikki

NC State Graduation | Nikki

Hello Friends

Wow! It has been too long! It is so nice to finally have a chance to sit down and do a little blogging! John and I are in the depths of the busy session! Weddings, Graduations, and Families oh my!!

To tell the truth, we absolutely love it! We are beyond blessed to be able to capture and share in the joy our sweet clients are experiencing, just like Nikki!

There was an unmistakable excitement in the air when we arrived on campus! NC State was abuzz with students running around with caps and gowns hunting down the perfect spot to grab a shot of them wearing the proof of years of hard work and dedication! I could not help but smile at all tangible success around me!

Those of you that have experienced a session with me know that I will ask you to do things that seem crazy and weird! Sweet Nikki is now a member of the “feels weird, looks great” club and she had to do it on a busy campus! She was seriously amazing! Nikki was totally rocking her Giggle even in a crowd, and it was worth it! Her eyes are literally sparkling!

This brilliant beauty is celebrating her Graduation from NC State! Now that Nikki has conquered her first degree, she plans to continue at NC State and reach her dream of being a Veterinarian! I know her gentle spirit will have all the furry babies loving her! Congratulations Nikki and good luck!


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