Wake Forest NC Photographer | Sweet 16 Session

Being a Wake Forest NC Photographer is awesome! In fact at Rachel’s Sweet 16 Portrait Session it was downright dreamy! Allow me to set the stage….. A golden sunset, pale blue tulle gown, historic location in Downtown and smiles for miles! Rachel was even mistaken for a Princess by the most adorable little girl! Every girl wants to be a Princess and on that day Rachel was a Princess!

Now, what everyone that knows Rachel will agree with is that this little firecracker has some serious depth to her! Not only is she the picture of a perfect princess she is also right at home on a skateboard! She is definitely cooler than a bag of peppermints!! HAHA As if those aren’t enough reasons to love being her photographer she is so much more than a pretty face! This beauty has big dreams of Harvard Medical School!

In November I have the honor of capturing her Sweet 16 party, and let me tell you friends, Rachel’s, mom, Sam is really going all out to celebrate!! When I met Sam the first time she told me something that really resonated with me “Make every day special and make special days spectacular!” I just love her philosophy! I know that everyone in Sam’s life feels loved and truly special every day!  So my sweet friends let’s all take a page from Sam’s book and make someone feel special today!


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