NC Engagement Photographer | Morgan & Joseph Engagement Session

NC Engagement Photographer | Morgan & Joseph Engagement Session

It is no secret that I LOVE being a NC Engagement Photographer! Couples just like Morgan and Joseph are definitely the reason why wedding and couple photography is my passion!

From the moment Morgan and I began exchanging messages about her March 2018 wedding I knew we were a match made in wedding photography heaven! I sat on the edge of my seat at our first meeting as she filled me in on all the details of her dream wedding!! The more she talked, the clearer her vision became! It is such a joy to have my Brides share with me what is most important to them, not just on their wedding day but their engagement session too!

The engagement session is such a huge part of the CC wedding experience! I couldn’t have been any happier when Morgan showed up to The Farm on Cotton dressed like a million bucks! Her silver dress sparkled like a diamond in the setting sun!! And oh those shoes! You all know I love to brag about the shoes! Morgan’s hair was perfect and her make was flawless!! She was ready to rock the heck out of her engagement session! WOW did she ever!

Of course just like any good wife to be, she made sure her honey was nothing short of dashing! They were absolutely stunning nestled in the apple orchard whispering little I love you’s to each other! Joseph was such a gentleman holding his Bride tight and keeping her steady as they made their way through uneven field! It is so clear to see that these two childhood sweethearts were meant to be!

Morgan and Joseph have known each other since they were four and have been dating since they were fourteen, their love story is the sweetest one ever! On March 3rd 2018 these two will become one and I am honored and humbled that they have given me a glimpse into the love they share! I know that their wedding day will be sweet, and fun and full love!!

You won’t want to miss the blog of their wedding day so stay tuned!!


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