Sanford NC Photographer/ OK mommies, lets get real!

Ok mommies, lets get real!

I know all too well that as women, and a Sanford NC Photographer, we are our own worst enemy and toughest critic! For a moment let’s stop and remember that not only are we women we are mommies! The little people we made adore us! This morning I grabbed one last look in the mirror as my son followed me around telling me to hurry up! So while I’m “fixing and tweaking” I asked Noah “how do I look?” Without hesitation he said “you look perfect mommy” Perfect? Really? Me? The truth is, yes! To my sweet little son I always look just perfect!
Your children feel the exact same way! Please don’t hide behind the camera capturing all of their moments! They want to know you were there too! Document that you were a part of those moments too! One day we will wake up and our babies will be grown. Our tiny babies will be replaced with towering adults! Capture the little details! Those little faces and tiny toes won’t last forever! You will never regret precious moments captured together! Trust me!
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