Ashley & Tyler | Intimate Wedding | Virginia Wedding Photographer

Ashley & Tyler | Intimate Wedding | Virginia Wedding Photographer

Virginia Wedding Photographer | Christina Chapman

The world has changed so much in the past five months. We have watched as countless weddings have been forced to reschedule due to venue restrictions. Every cloud has a silver lining, and every tunnel has a light at the end! One thing that I have been reminded of is that love will find a way! Not only did it find a way, but it has done so and shined bigger and brighter than ever! I believe strongly that everything happens for a reason, and this situation is no different.

Marriage and a wedding or two different things. A wedding is a one-day celebration of love, but a marriage is something that can last a lifetime. Many couples were so excited to become husband and wife that they couldn’t let anything stand in their way! Enter the newest trend for weddings this year! The intimate backyard wedding! Yall I’m so excited to share the sweet story of Ashley and Tyler’s wedding day with you!

This was a family affair down to every detail;

the entire day was bursting with love and joy as the people that they love the most busied themselves with preparing for the day! The backyard was beautifully styled by Ashley’s grandfather, who also is an incredible talent florist! Stepping through the white picket fence gate, you would have thought you entered a venue garden! Large crepe myrtles covered in white blooms lined both sides of the property, giving a stunning backdrop to this beautiful day! With market lights hanging among the trees, the ceremony location felt like a fairy tale! Tyler’s mother and aunts lovingly crafted a dessert spread that would rival any bakery! Decadent treats surrounded a very special confetti wedding cake made as a surprise for Ashley! It’s her favorite!

Everywhere we looked, there was something beautiful happening! We kept saying over and over that this was not a typical backyard wedding! Of all the hard work and all the pretty, the day’s absolute sweetest part was something so unexpected. As this new trio walked away from the ceremony site hand in hand, Ashley and Aubri couldn’t hide their excitement! They exchanged the biggest and most genuine smiles, almost as if they couldn’t believe it was officially official! They were now truly what their hearts already knew, family! Tyler, Ashley, and Aubri walked together like that was the way it had always been.

Ashley and Tyler, I’m so thankful that the years have brought you together! I know you both will create a life that you love and a home that flows with laughter and joy! It is was so clear how much you two love each other at your engagement session, but to see you both loving and supporting Aubri is the stuff of fairytales! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you three! John and I will be here cheering you on and celebrating every victory with you! We love you all so much and can’t wait to see you soon!



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