Heather & Justin | Belmont Farm | Maryland Wedding Photographer | Christina Chapman

Heather & Justin | Belmont Farm | Maryland Wedding Photographer | Christina Chapman

Maryland Wedding Photographer | Christina Chapman

Fall is here, and with it comes weddings galore and all the things that make fall unforgettable!

What’s not to love about fall? A few of my favorite fall things are cozy sweaters, cooler weather, falling leaves, so now that I find myself much farther North, I get to experience some natural foliage! Like the real deal, hardwood trees, as far as you can see, bursting with shades of yellow, red, orange, and tree! Because of this, I will never get enough of it and all of our fall-loving couples!

Heather and Justin’s wedding was just about perfect because the weather was amazing; there were flowers everywhere I looked and they thoughtfully coordinated each detail with the next to create a beautiful seamless flow. They honored and pampered their family and friends throughout their day, never missing a chance to give hugs and let each person know how important they are to them. This deep love and appreciation shined brighter than the sun during their heartfelt ceremony.

Their officiant Billy has known Heather her entire life and shared stories of Heather and Justin’s teenage courtship and their devotion to each other over the years. Being high school sweethearts, these two have been through so much together. They have grown up loving each other, supporting their dreams, and encouraging them to reach their goals. When Heather and Justin walked back down that aisle as husband and wife, we all knew that something extraordinary had just happened. Two people that honestly bring out the very best in each other and the people around them became one.

Everyone cheered! Even the tiny flower girls!

They were the sweetest and most edger kiddos when it came to having their picture taken!

Heather and Justin, you two are amazing! You spread joy and fun everywhere you go, and it has been such an adventure getting to know you and being a part of this incredible season of life for you both! When I think back to the first time I met you at Amber and Robert’s wedding, I can’t help but smile! Heather, I insistently remember you running across the field in the freezing rain, shoes in hand, trying to fight back, shivering. I didn’t know it then, but that was a glimpse into the kind of person you are, the kind of person that Justin is, selfless, devoted, and committed to the people you love!

Thank you so much for trusting us to capture your day, and thank you for making us feel like guests and family! I can’t wait to see what the future will bring for you because I know it’s going to be fantastic. We love you both tons!



Maryland Wedding Photographer | Christina Chapman

Creative Team:

Venue – The Belmont Farm

Florist – Suttler Post farm

Dessert Table – Michelle’s cakes

DJ – Pete the DJ

Hair Artist – Lauren Calderone

Makeup Artist – S&T beauty

Catering – Rita B Catering

Gowns – Serendipity

Jewelry – Diamonds Direct

Men’s Attire – Carrington Formalwear

Invitations & Stationary – Magnet Street

Videography – Sargas Media

Officiant – Billy Moore

Heather & Justin’s Maryland Engagement Session


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