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My name is Christina Chapman, and my husband, John, is here with me. He also happens to be my second shooter. That’s right! We’re a husband-and-wife photography team based in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We serve couples from North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Florida, and even offer our services for destination weddings. We’re here to support you on the day you become married to the person of your dreams!

A little background:

I have always loved photography. Even as a little girl, I was drawn to photos. Many years ago, my parents bought my first camera—a pink Polaroid! I adored that camera, but I never imagined it would start a love affair with photography that is still going strong today.

But today, John and I want to tell you about a different love affair—ours.

We met six years ago at the bank where I worked. I bought my coworker lunch so that I could help him, even though he was in her line—he was so cute! The next week he called me and asked to thank me in person for my help, and I knew it was a date. We laugh now, because he says it sounded like I was about to jump through the phone with excitement. Let me let you on a secret: I was!

John brought me homemade blackberry cobbler on our first date, which he made himself! I was smitten. When I introduced him to my son, Noah, and saw them together, I knew John was the man of my dreams.

He proposed two years later at the same restaurant where he brought me that blackberry cobbler, down on one knee like the southern gentleman he is.

Our wedding day was everything I wanted it to be.

Now, as a husband-and-wife photography team, we do everything in our power to create that same experience for our couples.

What’s your love story? I can’t wait to hear it!

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Christina's Favs!!

  1. Pink!   Pink is a weakness! I am hopelessly drawn to anything pink!
  2. Coffee!   I am seriously addicted to coffee! The taste, the smell it is simply wonderfulness in a cup!
  3. Baking!   I love to bake! Pies are my second creative love! I know what you’re thinking… coffee and pies, no wonder she’s so happy!
  4. Documentaries!   This is definitely a well kept secret but I am lover of facts and history!
  5. Makeup!   My makeup collection makes my heart happy. If you are making a run to Sephora count me in!

John's Favs!!

  1. College Football!   Nothing beats a college tailgate or sitting in front of the big screen on Saturday! and GO HOKIES!!
  2. Technology!   From Star Trek to iRobot, I love the imagination of what could or will be in our future!
  3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!   FROZEN ... Let's sneak a little ball of goodness for a midnight snack!
  4. Golf!   I hate this game ... is what I usually say while laughing wildly while some of my favorite little white balls are splashing into the lake!
  5. Father-Son Projects!   Teaching my son how to nail, build, paint, and sand, watching him learn and have fun just makes my pride swell!

Speaking of some of our favs ... check out our featured weddings!

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Meet Our Little Family


Manager of all things business, second shooter, and technology guru!


Content creator, lead photographer, social butterfly, and lover of all things pink!


Our brilliant and fearless adventurer who loves making up songs and taking pictures everywhere he goes.


Our sweet nap loving fur baby that is obsessed with snacks and loves cuddling.

Christina Chapman Photography Home
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