Ashlyne & Luke | Chatham Manor | Engagement Session | Fredericksburg, Virginia

Ashlyne & Luke | Chatham Manor | Engagement Session | Fredericksburg, Virginia

I’m trying not to scream and just die over how gorgeous Ashlyne and Luke’s Chatham Manor Engagement Session was! Golden, Vintage, Romantic, Classic, basically a Hallmark Movie come to life!

Like all good Hallmark movies, not only was everything absolutely breathtaking but it was also coated in the sweetest love!

Ashlyne and Luke are the type of couple that you never forget, and you love being around them! They are both such kind and genuine souls full of joy and ambition, both highly accomplished and obviously stunning! They have a beautiful way of making those around them feel seen and valued; that is where they seem to excel. If you spend even a few moments with them, you will understand precisely what I mean.

During their engagement session, I could not stop swooning over the way they cared for each other, the way Luke had his eyes completely locked on Ashlyne, and how he never missed a chance to brush her hair out of her face, a movement he has mastered without disrupting hair or makeup! Ashlyne would steal kisses and snuggle up to him whenever she could! They protect each other in the comfort and peace they have created together. It was remarkable.

They love each other out loud.

So their session will become one of my all-time favorites because of all the pretty things! I mean, it was a dream! Vintage Mercedes that will also be their getaway car for their fourth of Jully wedding, red roses, gorgeous outfits with a BOW, a sunset so perfect and golden, Ashlyne’s stunning ring, Chatham Manor was impressive and that view! Ah, I could die! While I love all that, it’s the way they love each other and the beautiful impacts they will continue to make on the world that have left me in awe of my time with them!  

Ashlyne and Luke, OMG AH! I can’t wait for your wedding day! We are so excited to meet your family and friends and share in your epic Fourth of July wedding at Trump Vineyards!!

Big hugs & lots of love