Rhiannon & Kevin Engagement Session | The House in the Horseshoe | VA Wedding Photographers

Rhiannon & Kevin Engagement Session | The House in the Horseshoe | VA Wedding Photographers

Hey there! We are wedding photographers based in Fredericksburg VA! That is still such a weird thing to hear myself say! While I am in love with our new home and excited to dive into this new big town I was thrilled that John and I would have the chance to head back to our little town and our favorite Sanford venue so soon after our move. The House in the Horseshoe is such a special place to us and many of our sweet couples just like Rhiannon and Kevin!

Kevin is a serious game lover and over their relationship, he has made one out of Rhiannon too! So of course when Kevin knew that he wanted to ask Rhiannon to spend the rest of her life with him he had to plan something unique that spoke to who they are together as a couple. And wow! I remember Rhiannon telling me this story for the first time and she still had all the excitement and joy of that moment! She said it was perfect!

Rhiannon thought it was just another day, going to a farewell party for a friend! They went to an escape room! So fun right?! Not realizing anything was up Rhiannon played the game and the group made their way through challenges! At the end of the challenge, Rhiannon opened the box to find a key fob. She pressed the button and her whole life changed. All of a sudden the room was illuminated by a string of lights that spelled our will you marry me! So romantic!!

Rhiannon and Kevin thank you so much for traveling all the way from Mississippi to battle the bugs with us! You guys were so amazing and such naturals! We just loved getting to know you both and we can’t wait for your adorable themed wedding! Enjoy Germany, love birds!! xoxo

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